Saturday, March 15, 2008

Stacking Rooms

I keep trying to tell my friends not to stack patients in rooms. There are two arguments to be made. My friends tell me to "have everyone arrive at once". The [midguided] logic is that they'll all get registered, put in a room and the provider can work at warp speed to get through them. This will supposedly provide the most efficient clinic.

The reality, and evidence, is that good work flow will make it faster for everyone. Having really well timed appointments so that there is a minimal of waiting both for the patients and doctors. Don't believe me?

Ron Pereira made a video of stuffing envelopes. It sounds unrelated but hear me out. There are two methodolgies. Stacked queue vs one-piece flow. The stacked queue is having everyone arrive at once and the one-piece flow is having well timed sequential appointments.

Check out the video here . Ron is definately not a video editor he taped the entire stuffing process so find you're fast foward button.

Spoiler alert!!!!

The one-piece flow wins by over 30%. By having well timed sequential appointments not only will you have better client satisfaction but you're office will run 30% faster.

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