Saturday, May 10, 2008

What's Happening with Chemotherapy?

Cancer care has been designated as a priority program across Canada and cancer care wait times for radiation and surgery have dropped because of increased resources. But according to a recent press release despite more than doubling the budget for systemic treatment (chemo) since 2003 wait times haven't changed. I'm not exactly sure why this is happening as they don't seem to have posted the report on-line at Cancer Care Ontario but the press release states that the lack of change is due to increased use of the system (more people receive multiple doses of chemo) and a lack of medical oncologists. I'd like to read more about this because doubling the budget should have some effect on the wait time?

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Anonymous said...

To anyone who is reading this and waiting for chemo, don't wait! Push the doctors, push the cancer clinic, push the secretary! Take any cancelled appointment. Whatever you have to do, do it! Doctors will tell you that there is a study that says you can wait up to 12 weeks and still have the same good results. Go take a look at the highest survival rates in Canada for Breast Cancer and you will see that it is B.C. because they have the fastest turnaround from surgery to chemo and radiation. You must be an unrepentant advocate for yourself or a loved one, not a bystander!