Friday, June 13, 2008

Health Populi

I just ran across this blog and it's worth a read.

Health Populi by Jane Sarasohn-Kahn. She is a health economist and management consultant. Usually I shy away from blogs by the consultant types (I find them one sided) but Jane seems to have a more worldly view of health care. I like the post on the merging of world wide pharmaceutical companies. In each she says that Canadians are the least trusting of their doctors (great).

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Jane Sarasohn-Kahn said...

Ian, thanks for the hat tip to Health Populi. As you read, Mom was born in Ottawa, so I have a bloodline due north Highway 401 from Detroit my birthplace (although I now live in Philadelphia). I thank you for giving this consultant a chance...we're not all bad. I've devoted 20+ years to working with health care stakeholders, and spent 3 of those in London working with the NHS and emerging private sector along with some projects in Europe, and I continue to work in both N. America and Europe. So it's helpful in health circles to be more globally minded as not one of our nations is getting it all right. I thank you again for the hat tip and open-mindedness. Let's stay in touch...I'll keep reading your blog, and you can keep reading mine! Be well...Jane S-K