Monday, June 23, 2008

How has Canada's doctor shortage affected you?

Please go read the post at Sigmund, Carl and Alfred about how TallulahRose took a year to get a diagnosis of cancer. The story is poignant. I live and work in the town she's speaking about and am on staff at the hospital where she was probably treated.

I would love to say that this story is unique but I've had friends go through similar ordeals. Months to get a breast biopsy (which was returned positive) and the same to get vocal cord ca diagnosed. Our cancer care wait times are decreasing but we still have a way to go from first symptom to treatment. The family doctors are in a no-win situation too. When 99% of the people that are worried they have cancer come back with nothing wrong it's hard to determine which patients to accept because 'they're the one'.

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