Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Semi-Annual Doctor Day Balance

It's time for our semi-annual doctor day balance in the clinic. Twice a year I look at the number of provider-days in each clinic and compare it to growth and efficiency.

If a clinic is 10% more efficient and has 10% more referrals we maintain the same number of days. If it is 10% less efficient we add days and so on. To compare efficiency and overall growth I examine the average daily revenue (quarter to quarter), days worked in the previous year (per office) and number of new referrals.

Using the previous balance of days I create a ratio for each office and sub-speciality. For instance 23% of days in office 1, 35% of days in office 2 and so on.

Finally I apply the percent of days per office and sub-specialty to the number of days available in the current year. For instance, last year our office may have worked 105 days in August but this year 116 days are available. I've found that month-to-month is almost impossible to balance but quarter to quarter is predictable.

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