Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blackberry Bold

I recently wrote a post about the new Blackberry Bold and the latest BES Server (the software that joins corporate computers to the handhelds). John Halamka at Life as a Healthcare CIO took some time to review the iPhone 3G. John is a self professed Apple devotee and his bottom line is that if they can solve some keyboard issues it will be serious competition for the Blackberry. That being said, he still reported some major issues with synchronization, battery life and calender issues.

As a Blackberry fan I'm biased towards Research in Motion and have it on good authority that their multimedia management in the Bold will compete with the iPhone 3G. Nine years ago, Blackberries where just starting to push email, now convergence of the consumer and enterprise communities is pushing the limits of what we can do on handhelds. It looks like a battle in both the consumer and enterprise community is really on; here's hoping that RIM wins!

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