Friday, August 15, 2008

Bring an EHR to Every Canadian by 2016

Infoway Canada (a collaborative of provincial Health Ministers and Federal funding) announced greater funding for electronic health records and the goal of an electronic health record for every Canadian by 2016.

I'm conflicted by the report. On the one hand, electronic records can help patient care. The infrastucture is needed (just the other night a radiologist 400km away read an emergency CT for me) and I'm a believer in EHR. I don't believe they will revolutionize health care though. On the other hand, it looks like we have a greater chance of having and electronic health record for every Canadian before we have a doctor for every Canadian. Are we putting the cart before the horse?


ERP said...

I would love it something like that happened in the US in my lifetime!

Ian Furst said...

it's an intesting business model -- but it's maddening when tiny hospitals desperate for doctors and staff spend millions on T1 connections between sites that do little more than trasmit lab data so far. I know it's needed but I question the balance.