Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dr. Val Roams the Internet

There are two really well known medical bloggers. KevinMD, who is a clearinghouse of med-blogger information, and DrVal who is arguably the most connected med-blogger on the Internet. She has done interviews with everyone from the Surgeon General to NBA All-Stars. I'd recommend you read some of the interviews before the site is sold.

Now homeless, Val is roaming the Internet posting blogs in the electronic equivalent of Where's Waldo. Check out her posts at Grunt Doc, Ramona Bates, Dr. Rob, InsureBlog, KevinMD, Emergiblog, and Happy Hospitalist and ScanMan.


rlbates said...

Is she going to be hosted here? :)

Ian Furst said...

tomorrow I'll have one of her cartoons up -- but first -- a Where's Val picture?