Saturday, September 20, 2008

Health Policy from the Liberal Party

This will be a short blog entry.

The Liberal party platform appears to based exclusively on the Green Shift (carbon tax shifting) and leadership. They have not posted a health care platform nor their health care accomplishments while the minority party. I've sent emails to the party with no response so I have little to add.

In a recent interview, Dion has said that he will accept some private health care within the confines of the Canada Health Act which cannot violate universal access. He cites an example in Quebec of private diagnostic clinics which have been shown to decrease wait times for those who are willing to pay. Unfortunately, it does little for beleaguered family doctors who have faced dwindling payments and greater patient loads nor patients who have less access than ever to primary care.

Tomorrow I'll take a look at the Conservative Party health care plan.

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ERP said...

Interesting. With so much going on with our (the US) Wall Street mess, health care has been put on the back burner down here as an election issue.