Wednesday, September 24, 2008

RIM Reigns Supreme

J. Gold & Associates, a well known technology analyst firm has just published it's poll of over 400 business' and found that the preferred mobile client is still RIM's Blackberry with 69% of the market. They also expect RIM to retain that margin over the next 3 years.

That is good news for me since our doctors are now increasingly dependant on crackberry's.

A major difference between RIM and it's competitors (iPhone, Microsoft Mobile) is it's ability to track the PIN number of the smart phone between tower/carriers and deliver messages when they arrive rather than having the phone constantly ping the carrier. The result is 1/2 the bandwidth use, longer batter life and lower maintenance costs. For a fantastic discussion of how each technology manages email, video and communications click here.

Other highlights of the report are:

BlackBerry will remain the dominant player in mobile platform deployments by a substantial
margin with 65.5% now, falling slightly to 59.3% in 3 years.

• Windows Mobile will gain in importance over the next 3 years, increasing from 22.5% to 28.6%
• Apple’s iPhone will be important to 16% of companies in 3 years
• Google’s Android will garner a relatively small 4.8% in 3 years, behind Palm (9.1%), Linux
(6.1%) and Nokia (5.6%).

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