Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Universal Health Care in Massachusetts

I found a new blog (for me -- Ben's been blogging a while). Check out Ben Weger. He's an RN, paramedic and second year medical student and has a unique take on Universal Health Care in Massachusetts. My only question is; how much school debt are you carrying now Ben? That's a lot of careers for a 33 year old. For a good laugh check out his marital status under 'About'.

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Ben Weger said...

Hey! Glad you found me on on the internet. Right now I am in my second year of med school an I have about 100K in debt that is slowly growing in compound interest. I'm running about 4% interest that tacks on an additional $4,000 a year. That puts me at around $120,000 when I graduate from residency. Thankfully, I have the Army HPSP scholarship now and won't have to borrow any more $.